Sunday, 12 September 2010

A first step into blogging

Ok Im new to this blogging business, but I wanted to keep an online diary of the progress of my 1:12 modern dolls house.  So please bear with me as I start off I'm sure I will work it out eventually.

I bought this house in 2005 not long after my daughter was born with the idea that once she got older we would decorate and collect the pieces together. Well after a couple of years I got board of waiting and decided Mummy would build and decorate and fill the dolls house and it would then be passed down to her at a latter stage. And so the story of my dolls house begins.

When I got the house out of its box I unfortunately found it had some damage but having bought it some 2 years previously this meant I could now do nothing about returning it. Also I was shocked to see it already had exterior paint work (painted on bricks) which I decided straight away will be changed to something more realistic at a later date.

I joined the forum of the Dollshouse Emporium and quickly found some lovely ladies who have become invaluable in their advice and knowledge. I no longer post there any more as I am now a member of a private forum.

I quickly decided that this house was to be modern, a challenge in the 1:12 scene as there is very little available but this is improving slowly.  I rather too quickly got to work painting most of the rooms. and then later decided this was all wrong and far to dark so then had to undo all my handy work. The one thing I stress to all new dolls house hobbyist out there, is to sit and stare and the stare some more.

My main aim for this dolls house is to be able to take a picture of any room and for the viewer to have to think twice as to whether it is real or 1:12 this has made my task some what more difficult as some things like cookers are obvious tell tail signs that its 1:12

I have so far almost completed the down stairs floors and Im now off to work out how to put some pictures on here to show you

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