Monday, 13 September 2010

The Perfect Modern Kitchen

I spent ages trying to track down the kitchen that was just right. I bought this kitchen originally but found it was slightly out of scale and just did not feel right.

So then my hunt began again for the perfect modern kitchen, which is when I found Elf Miniatures  I bought the FLEXI kit base pack - plain with the glass top. I did the kitchen with black self adhesive film then after some more thinking decided against using the glass top and bought some more aluminium sheets from Elizabeth at Elf to give the kitchen a stainless steel look. Elizabeth's customer services is great and I can highly recommend her. The floor is a sample of kitchen wallpaper from B&Q's and the oven I got from Ebay. I love this kitchen, all I need to do now is decide what Im going to do about the upper part, whether to have cupboards or shelves?

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