Tuesday, 14 September 2010

A Question of Scale? And Do I Add An Extra Room?

After completing to some extent my kitchen (there's always work left to do on rooms) I moved on to the other ground floor room, this was to fit the living area and dinning area into. I wasn't sure there was enough room so the plan was to put a door in the side of the property going into a conservatory that would be the dinning room. The first problem I hit was after purchasing an external door I found the door on my property where smaller than most Dolls House doors
This meant that if I used a ready made door it would look all out of scale. It also made me doubt the scale of my house but after some measuring and discussing with my fellow dolls house friend I confirmed it was 1:12 just with small doors. My local Dolls house shop confirmed that there is a make of dolls houses that have smaller doors and unfortunately they don't sell replacements.

My next step was to make a door that would fit with the scale of the others and I came up with this.

On a browsing of one of my local Sue Ryder Care Shop I found a reduced but slightly battered conservatory that I thought I might just squeeze a dinning room into.
After getting it home and having a stare I soon realised that this was too small to fit any 1:12 dinning room tables in, so its now been put to one side until I can think of a suitable alternative use for it.

I decided that it might be a better idea to make the ground floor open plan so I removed the full wall with door into the kitchen and replaced it with the angled wall that would run along the other side of the stairs. I latter made my own rail for the open side of the stairs. This gave me more room under the stairs to fit in a dinning area. This also meant I now no longer needed to do any major kit bashing phew!

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