Tuesday, 14 September 2010

That Dream Table

I searched everywhere for a suitable dining table for this room. I wanted something modern and unusual but I don't have a large budget for my house so I had to be reasonable in my expectations. I fell in love wit this table as soon as I saw it, I drooled over it for months whilst I tried to track down a company that either sold it in the UK or would ship to the UK. I contacted a couple of stores in America but I found them very unhelpful, they would not confirm how much the table would cost and how much the shipping would be to the UK both things I needed to know before I could make the decision if I could afford it. In the end I contacted ByBarb Miniatures directly and was met by a very kind return email from Barb herself who was so helpful and kindly allowed me to purchase it directly from her.
When it arrived I was so excited and over the moon with it. I also bought a chair from her as well although this is to be used in a future room. I love ByBarb Miniatures she is so talented and all her pieces are truly scrumptious, if I had the money I would buy many more things from her.

Then came the task of finding some chairs to go with the fabulous table, in the end I settled for these four chairs from ebay. Im not completely set on them but I think they work well enough for now.

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