Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Time For The Living Room

Here is my Living Room.

As you can see I continued the wallpaper through from the kitchen to help with the feel of it being open planned. The stairs are carpeted and I wanted some of the features of the house to show that this has been a family home for a long time. The stair rail that I made and added I kept in wood to give it a throw back feel to the 90's or earlier. The fire place surround is still in place but has been updated with the fire being removed and a new stainless steel boarding to cover the chimney hole (not that there is one really).

The floor is from Sue Ryder Care as well as the lava lamp and ceiling lights, I have a third set of these that I am going to use as a tall standard lamp.

The Sofa and Armchair are made by the Dolls House Emporium, although I purchased mine form a kind friend who was selling hers.

The bookcase you can see in the corner started life and a Jane Harrop kit, her 1930's kitchen cabinet. The plan originaly was to make it up but have it as a modern laptop bureau where the flap would act as a desk. Unfortunately I had some trouble assembling this kit so adapted it into a bookcase and changed the handle to jewellery findings.

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  1. I love your living room! and the colours you have worked with. Looks fantastic :-) xx