Saturday, 30 October 2010


A friend of mine has recently become addicted to Kat the hats Hats and I can see why they are works of art I now have a plan for my conservatory over the next year and I may also become addicted lol.

Anyway after following her blog she is having a halloween party over this weekend. I have not got any Mini halloween items to show (the conservatory might be turning dark over the next 12 months) but evey year we make a pumpkin with our daughter so I thought I would show them to you.

Last year we made a Bat Pig, which was my daughters idea

This year all the pumpkins in the garden where quite small and there was one that wasn't ripe, this gave my daughter the idea of a toad so thats what we did

Happy Halloween Everyone!!


  1. Happy Halloween, love the pig pumpkin but the toad is totally my favourite. :-) Kat

  2. The toad is wonderful! Thanks for sharing the pics!


  3. Wonderful pumpkins!

    Happy Halloween ☻
    Victoria ♥

  4. Thanks everyone for looking ☻

  5. Wow!! Love the frog!! :)
    I have joined Kat's Halloween party too!! :)

  6. I love these fab pumpkins ! the frog is my favourite :0)

  7. Love the little Toad, what a great idea. I'm another one addicted to Kat's Hat's, pop over and see. Happy Halloween.. xxx

  8. Amazing Pumpkins!
    Happy Halloween!!

  9. I Love your toad! my son went to put his foot into his boot that had been left in the hall yesterday (the morn after halloween) and freaked when a large toad hopped out of it!!! glad it was him that had had discovered it or I may have thought someone has turned my darling lad into a toad! LOL

  10. Hi penni love your pumpkins ! .. Kats Hats are very addictive! xxx