Saturday, 20 November 2010

Big Step for Mini Monster

Originally uploaded by Mrs PitStop
Well I've finally gone and done it.

I've set up an Etsy account and I've sorted all the copyright so I can now show you my bed.

I designed and made this for myself but then after some discussion with my husband I have decided to make and sell my own designed modern mini furniture. I have lots of ideas on the drawing board that will be hopefully going into prototype production shortly so that I can get them protected and put on sale.

The first item that I will be selling is my Modern Mirrored Glass Bed. I was tempted not to sell this so that I can always say mine is one of a kind and I know for a fact that no one else has one, but I didn't and so in the next few weeks I will begin selling them under the name of MonsterMiniatures on Etsy.

This is how the bed will be sold with just a covered mattress for you to put your own bedding on until I get better at making bedding.


  1. Sorry Penni reposting lol

    Your Bed is amazing! i love it, great to see it on here looking forward to seeing more of your work :-) xx

  2. Its down to you that it is, You and all the others have given me the confidence to make the jump. THANK YOU!

  3. I like your bed. I think you will do well selling your furniture, you don't see much modern mini furniture. Good Luck with your Etsy shop.

    Victoria ♥

  4. Your bed is great Penni a wonderful idea, good luck with your sales

  5. Wishing you every success

  6. Your bed is wonderful Penni good luck in your new venture.

  7. this bed is amazing, wonderful work penni, x