Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Introducing My New Little Friend

I would like to introduce you all to my new little friend he is so sweet and I cant wait until his little friends arrive to keep him company.

This is Spike and he arrived today from  bearcabinminiatures I would like to thank Julia Jeffreys as he is absolutely adorable. You can purchase her work through  Bearcabinminiatures Etsy Store

Of course he couldn't wait to try out his new home.


  1. Awh Penni he is so cute! he looks comfy in his new home .. I love these little bears that Julia makes xxx

  2. I know he looks so comfy on the bed and in the armchair, not sure where he's stopping at the moment.

    He's staying on the bed for the night but might move back downstairs tomorrow lol

  3. He looks sooo at home there.. truly spoilt :) Thanks for the links, I'm so gald you love him and thank you for buying him :)
    Julia xx

  4. That is a great little story about the bears Penni, they go well in your house and look very happy