Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Reveal Date Looming

Every year usually more than once a year, a group of friends all work on a top secret THING, I haven't joined in much before as I haven't had the time but this year I have as my THING is doubling up as one of my daughters Christmas presents.

On the lead up to the reveal date we tell each other clues and we all have to try and guess what the others have made. This reveal date is this weekend so I have been working hard to get it all done and all I can say is I never want to see another pot of white paint again. It has taken so many coats its unbelievable.

My clues to my THING are
Leaped Print
Not Christmas but may have a hint of it.

I can't give you any more than that now until the weekend but once I have revealed it I will out it here for you all to see as well.

Feel free to add your guesses here...

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