Friday, 3 December 2010

Spike's Brother and Sister Have Safely Arrived!

Spike is a very happy teddy this morning as his brother Buster and Sister Lucy have arrived from Bearcabinminiatures and he has happily been showing them around their new home.

Spike decided because he was there first he is going to have the comfy bed and sent Lucy and Buster off to find there own places to sit.

Lucy very quickly decided that she  would like to sit by the window as she liked the flowers and was eager to know what goes on outside of the house

Buster took a little longer deciding where he was going to settle, he tried lots of seats and shelves out but eventually decided he didn't like heights so he chose to sit on the floor next to the fireplace and Elvis picture.

Soon Boy came over to see who had moved in and have a sniff

They have all settle in nicely now and after having a sneek peak back through the windows I thought Spike looks a bit lonely upstairs on his own, but he assures me he's happy

Whilst down stairs Lucy and Buster where deep in conversation


  1. They look fabulous :) I love their little story :)
    Thank you :)
    Julia xxx

  2. They look great penni and also i love their little story xx

  3. Thanks guys, I had great fun with them this morning lol