Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Time For The Living Room

Here is my Living Room.

As you can see I continued the wallpaper through from the kitchen to help with the feel of it being open planned. The stairs are carpeted and I wanted some of the features of the house to show that this has been a family home for a long time. The stair rail that I made and added I kept in wood to give it a throw back feel to the 90's or earlier. The fire place surround is still in place but has been updated with the fire being removed and a new stainless steel boarding to cover the chimney hole (not that there is one really).

The floor is from Sue Ryder Care as well as the lava lamp and ceiling lights, I have a third set of these that I am going to use as a tall standard lamp.

The Sofa and Armchair are made by the Dolls House Emporium, although I purchased mine form a kind friend who was selling hers.

The bookcase you can see in the corner started life and a Jane Harrop kit, her 1930's kitchen cabinet. The plan originaly was to make it up but have it as a modern laptop bureau where the flap would act as a desk. Unfortunately I had some trouble assembling this kit so adapted it into a bookcase and changed the handle to jewellery findings.

That Dream Table

I searched everywhere for a suitable dining table for this room. I wanted something modern and unusual but I don't have a large budget for my house so I had to be reasonable in my expectations. I fell in love wit this table as soon as I saw it, I drooled over it for months whilst I tried to track down a company that either sold it in the UK or would ship to the UK. I contacted a couple of stores in America but I found them very unhelpful, they would not confirm how much the table would cost and how much the shipping would be to the UK both things I needed to know before I could make the decision if I could afford it. In the end I contacted ByBarb Miniatures directly and was met by a very kind return email from Barb herself who was so helpful and kindly allowed me to purchase it directly from her.
When it arrived I was so excited and over the moon with it. I also bought a chair from her as well although this is to be used in a future room. I love ByBarb Miniatures she is so talented and all her pieces are truly scrumptious, if I had the money I would buy many more things from her.

Then came the task of finding some chairs to go with the fabulous table, in the end I settled for these four chairs from ebay. Im not completely set on them but I think they work well enough for now.

A Question of Scale? And Do I Add An Extra Room?

After completing to some extent my kitchen (there's always work left to do on rooms) I moved on to the other ground floor room, this was to fit the living area and dinning area into. I wasn't sure there was enough room so the plan was to put a door in the side of the property going into a conservatory that would be the dinning room. The first problem I hit was after purchasing an external door I found the door on my property where smaller than most Dolls House doors
This meant that if I used a ready made door it would look all out of scale. It also made me doubt the scale of my house but after some measuring and discussing with my fellow dolls house friend I confirmed it was 1:12 just with small doors. My local Dolls house shop confirmed that there is a make of dolls houses that have smaller doors and unfortunately they don't sell replacements.

My next step was to make a door that would fit with the scale of the others and I came up with this.

On a browsing of one of my local Sue Ryder Care Shop I found a reduced but slightly battered conservatory that I thought I might just squeeze a dinning room into.
After getting it home and having a stare I soon realised that this was too small to fit any 1:12 dinning room tables in, so its now been put to one side until I can think of a suitable alternative use for it.

I decided that it might be a better idea to make the ground floor open plan so I removed the full wall with door into the kitchen and replaced it with the angled wall that would run along the other side of the stairs. I latter made my own rail for the open side of the stairs. This gave me more room under the stairs to fit in a dinning area. This also meant I now no longer needed to do any major kit bashing phew!

Monday, 13 September 2010

The Perfect Modern Kitchen

I spent ages trying to track down the kitchen that was just right. I bought this kitchen originally but found it was slightly out of scale and just did not feel right.

So then my hunt began again for the perfect modern kitchen, which is when I found Elf Miniatures  I bought the FLEXI kit base pack - plain with the glass top. I did the kitchen with black self adhesive film then after some more thinking decided against using the glass top and bought some more aluminium sheets from Elizabeth at Elf to give the kitchen a stainless steel look. Elizabeth's customer services is great and I can highly recommend her. The floor is a sample of kitchen wallpaper from B&Q's and the oven I got from Ebay. I love this kitchen, all I need to do now is decide what Im going to do about the upper part, whether to have cupboards or shelves?

Sunday, 12 September 2010

The box and the house how it first stood

This is the house as it was when I first built it. It screws together and there are also some picture of the original colour scheme I chose then quickly changed my mind

A first step into blogging

Ok Im new to this blogging business, but I wanted to keep an online diary of the progress of my 1:12 modern dolls house.  So please bear with me as I start off I'm sure I will work it out eventually.

I bought this house in 2005 not long after my daughter was born with the idea that once she got older we would decorate and collect the pieces together. Well after a couple of years I got board of waiting and decided Mummy would build and decorate and fill the dolls house and it would then be passed down to her at a latter stage. And so the story of my dolls house begins.

When I got the house out of its box I unfortunately found it had some damage but having bought it some 2 years previously this meant I could now do nothing about returning it. Also I was shocked to see it already had exterior paint work (painted on bricks) which I decided straight away will be changed to something more realistic at a later date.

I joined the forum of the Dollshouse Emporium and quickly found some lovely ladies who have become invaluable in their advice and knowledge. I no longer post there any more as I am now a member of a private forum.

I quickly decided that this house was to be modern, a challenge in the 1:12 scene as there is very little available but this is improving slowly.  I rather too quickly got to work painting most of the rooms. and then later decided this was all wrong and far to dark so then had to undo all my handy work. The one thing I stress to all new dolls house hobbyist out there, is to sit and stare and the stare some more.

My main aim for this dolls house is to be able to take a picture of any room and for the viewer to have to think twice as to whether it is real or 1:12 this has made my task some what more difficult as some things like cookers are obvious tell tail signs that its 1:12

I have so far almost completed the down stairs floors and Im now off to work out how to put some pictures on here to show you