Saturday, 30 October 2010


A friend of mine has recently become addicted to Kat the hats Hats and I can see why they are works of art I now have a plan for my conservatory over the next year and I may also become addicted lol.

Anyway after following her blog she is having a halloween party over this weekend. I have not got any Mini halloween items to show (the conservatory might be turning dark over the next 12 months) but evey year we make a pumpkin with our daughter so I thought I would show them to you.

Last year we made a Bat Pig, which was my daughters idea

This year all the pumpkins in the garden where quite small and there was one that wasn't ripe, this gave my daughter the idea of a toad so thats what we did

Happy Halloween Everyone!!

Oh My I almost forgot...

I have just bought the perfect TV for my modern House, I wanted something that looked real, and what would look more real than an actual working TV!!!

My Husband thinks I'm mad, and so does every other non mini person I speak to but I love it. I haven't installed it yet as I'm still working out how to put it in without needing to drill a bog hole in the wall, and also at the moment I only seem to have leads that will connect up to my Wii, but it works

Here are some pictures of it connected to the Wii and sized up against our real TV.

Friday, 29 October 2010

Sorry for the delay in blogging

OK I've been holding off showing you the bedroom, mainly because I designed and made my own bed in there and I don't want anyone to copy it before I make my decision on it. I would like to sell it but don't want to get ripped off by people copying it so I'm still looking into how to copyright it and how to go about all of this, as its new to me, any suggestions would be warmly welcome.

In the mean time I'm trying to decide what to do with the bathroom its a deep narrow room and I just cant decide how I want it. So far I have tiled it with white tiles but now I think its to much, my next plan was to change the floor covering, but now I'm thinking a complete overhaul of it. I'm doing my own lighting in this room with spot light so I need to sort out the arrangement of furniture before I can get on with that, but I'm so stuck on the walls and floor I feel like I'm never going to get there.

I'm currently working on another project at the moment but I cant tell you too much about that until Christmas as its part of a THING that the Dolls House Forum I'm a member of does and I don't want them finding out, but once its all finished and revealed I will post pictures here as well.