Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Hello and Apologies

Firstly I would like to say Hello to my new followers and thank you for taking the time to follow my blog. If I can start getting myself back into gear then once I have reached 50 followers I will do a free give-away.

Secondly I must apologies to you all for my quietness of late I know I said this year I would try and blog more and get Monster Miniatures going but I started Weight Watchers last week and my mind has been completely consumed with what I can and can't eat to the point I have even been dreaming of food lol. I tried to finish off a couple of projects I've got on the go but I just haven't got any concentration at the moment. I'm really hope that within the next week or so that changes as I have so much to do still.

Failing everything I suppose I could always say February is a new month lol


  1. Good luck with your weight watchers! It worked wonderfully for my best friend!

  2. Hi Penni, good luck with your etsy sales, and also WW i joined too as you know, am at mo trying to worth out how many points a bag of Quavers is!!