Sunday, 9 January 2011

Monster Miniatures Has Its Signature Piece In Store

I gave myself one last kick up the bum last night and made the mattress for the mirrored bed so it now available for sale through Etsy.
I have made my first two sales and I am working hard on new bits to add to the store.

The etched mirrors I make can be customized to your specification so if you have any preferences on what you would like to see then please let me know and I will see if its possible. The beds can also be etched or left plain if you wish.

I'm in two minds at the moment as to weather its worth also putting my items on Ebay, as I'm not sure how well Etsy is known about. I myself didn't know much about it until more recently.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all my miniature friends who have supported me over the last couple of months and years lol. I would especially like to thank Helen who helped give me the confidence to push forward with this venture. While I'm thanking people I should also say thank you to my husband he has had 2 years of my "Should I, Shouldn't I" before I reached this point.


  1. Well Penni you have done so well setting up your store i wish you lots of luck xx

  2. Concratulations Penni on getting starting up wish you all the best of luck xxx

  3. Congrats on your sales Penni! It must be so exciting for you!

    As for Ebay, personally, most of my sales at this point come from Ebay as it seems the miniature community (at least in the US) are more likely to use Ebay as a source for minis. I always set the price to "buy it now" and haven't doing any auctions, so I can't comment there.

    The problem with Ebay is that it takes a much bigger chunk from you if you make a sale there, so its up to you if you want to decided to charge a little more to cover the costs. But you should definitely look into Ebay!

    There is also which is similar to Etsy where they target the hand-made community. I'm looking into that as well, but I'm not too sure how much well it is known in the mini community yet.

    Hope all that helps!

  4. Thanks Ann, Ill take a look at Artfire.

    Thanks Vineweeda Magic and Chrissey I couldn't have done it without you guys x