Friday, 25 February 2011

Lend your support for charity

As you all know Im currently going to Weightwatchers at the moment and so far Ive managed to lose 15lb, which Im really pleased with. During my weight loss so far I have been doing a lot of walking and Ive desided that Im going to do a walk for charity.

On 14th May 2011 at midnight UK time Im going to do a 10k walk for Sue Ryder. Here is a link to my fund raising page if you wish to show your support in my quest to raise funds for this charity.

More information can be found Here

Thank you in advance and apologies for this post no being DH related x

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Update on Jane Dough

Thought I would give you all a laugh at my attempt of polymer clay again.

As you can see she still needs a lot of work to say the least. I'm finding its best to do small bits at a time as I have warm hands and  if I work on her for to long then she starts dis-forming and I think she looks dis-formed enough without any more help lol.

The plan is to have her sitting on the sofa watching TV or talking to someone. Looking at this picture though she looks rather boss eyed lol I think she has been sitting too close to the screen.

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Keeping At It

Today I have been trying to work with polymer clay again, I managed to do this face but then over time whilst working on it I noticed its chin was disappearing and getting more and more narrow, I tried to rectify it but it just looked worse so ended up squishing it.

I'm not sure what order I should be working on first so now I'm having ago at the body not that I'm doing to well on that either at the moment. I find after a little while its soft enough to work with and then it becomes too soft and I end up undoing everything I have done so I guess you have to learn to judge when to put it down and let it cool down and firm back again for a little while.

Anyway here is my face before I smashed it lol

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Wigging a Polymer Clay Doll

I'm going to try and do the polymer clay again over the next few days and I have bought some bits from fairytasia mainly hair eyes and an armature but I was wondering if anybody has any links to good youtube clips or tutorials of how to apply the hair.

I'm guessing it is added after baking but should I paint the doll first too or do I do that after wigging?

I haven't even thought about the body yet do I pad it out or do I do that with clay? Oh my there is a lot more to think about than I thought now I've started.

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

I'm Too Impatient

I'm going to Miniatura for the first time at the NEC in Birmingham on 19th March and I am so excited I really don't know how I'm going to last lol.

I keep finding myself pondering over the exhibitors list. I don't really have a shopping list, all I'm desperate for at the moment is a bath and some bits for the bathroom in Honey Cottage. I'm also going to be meeting up with lots of mini friends that I have been sharing laughs, tears and life with for many years now. I cant wait and will apologise to you all now as I'm probably going to have many blurts where I can't contain my excitement leading up to it.

Are any of you going and what's on your shopping list? Are there any particular stalls I should make sure I see?

It's going to be about a 2hr drive for me to get there, but I'm going to load the CD player with some sing along tunes and sing my way there lol Luckily no one will have to suffer the fate of listening to me though hahaha

Monday, 14 February 2011

New Items

Here is some new wall art pieces that will be put on Etsy on Thursday. As promised these are available here first
These are $3 each with free delivery until the end of February. If you require the set of 3 then I will sell them for $7.50

Saturday, 12 February 2011

Getting Motivated

Well as you all know I've had a slump since January I just can not get motivated, so I've now booked my ticket to the NEC in march to go to Miniatura I'm hoping that a few hours of perusing around there will kick me back into the full swing of things again.

I've ordered a couple of things on line and Im going to have another go a polymer clay when they arrive. I don't think I'm cut out for it but quite enjoyed my first attempt.

As for Monster Miniatures I have now added to my collection of designs that are in the wings ready to make up after looking through The World of Interiors Magazine that was passed to me from work. I've seen lots of pieces that I would like to try out in miniature, including a mirrored brick wall for my bathroom in Honey Cottage.

Monster Miniatures also has its own Facebook Page now Ive decided to save on Etsy and Ebay fees, all items will be available on there and here for 3days before being put into the store, so please like the page to see exclusive items before the store.

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Free Delivery Etsy Voucher for Blog Followers

OK so February is here and I've still done nothing. I just seem to be so busy lately what with work and family. I know excuses excuses but my boss has just had a baby which has left me the only one there on a Wednesday and by the time I've finished making crystal chandeliers I'm not in the mood to start making a mess and doing mini makes at home.

As an apology I've set up a voucher code that is valid until 28th February 2011 for free delivery within my Etsy store using the voucher code BLOG0211DEL. This is redeemable against any of the items in my store including any future ones that may eventually find them selves in there before the end of the month lol. It is also redeemable against international shipping.