Saturday, 12 February 2011

Getting Motivated

Well as you all know I've had a slump since January I just can not get motivated, so I've now booked my ticket to the NEC in march to go to Miniatura I'm hoping that a few hours of perusing around there will kick me back into the full swing of things again.

I've ordered a couple of things on line and Im going to have another go a polymer clay when they arrive. I don't think I'm cut out for it but quite enjoyed my first attempt.

As for Monster Miniatures I have now added to my collection of designs that are in the wings ready to make up after looking through The World of Interiors Magazine that was passed to me from work. I've seen lots of pieces that I would like to try out in miniature, including a mirrored brick wall for my bathroom in Honey Cottage.

Monster Miniatures also has its own Facebook Page now Ive decided to save on Etsy and Ebay fees, all items will be available on there and here for 3days before being put into the store, so please like the page to see exclusive items before the store.

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