Saturday, 19 February 2011

Keeping At It

Today I have been trying to work with polymer clay again, I managed to do this face but then over time whilst working on it I noticed its chin was disappearing and getting more and more narrow, I tried to rectify it but it just looked worse so ended up squishing it.

I'm not sure what order I should be working on first so now I'm having ago at the body not that I'm doing to well on that either at the moment. I find after a little while its soft enough to work with and then it becomes too soft and I end up undoing everything I have done so I guess you have to learn to judge when to put it down and let it cool down and firm back again for a little while.

Anyway here is my face before I smashed it lol


  1. Looking Great penni ! keep at it !

  2. For a first attempt I think its great. Keep it up ;o)

  3. Thanks ladies will have another go once my lil girls gone to bed

  4. How exciting you are making a doll. I think you are doing Great Penni :)

    Victoria ♥