Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Wigging a Polymer Clay Doll

I'm going to try and do the polymer clay again over the next few days and I have bought some bits from fairytasia mainly hair eyes and an armature but I was wondering if anybody has any links to good youtube clips or tutorials of how to apply the hair.

I'm guessing it is added after baking but should I paint the doll first too or do I do that after wigging?

I haven't even thought about the body yet do I pad it out or do I do that with clay? Oh my there is a lot more to think about than I thought now I've started.


  1. Hi there penni lovely to meet you, I have a basic wigging tutorial on webshots if you wanted to take a look :)
    and definitely paint before you wig, those little stray hairs get in the worst of places :)
    Enjoy Miniatura xx Nicky

  2. Hi Nicky its great to meet you too, thank you so much for that link your tutorial it was very helpful x