Monday, 21 March 2011

Kestle Kelm Miniatures

I made two stops at Kestle Kelm Miniatures as I just couldn't help going back for more.

She had a lovely stall that she kindly let Helen take pictures of
Photo by Helen Davidson
Photo by Helen Davidson
I loved her center piece on her stall
Photo by Helen Davidson
I'm now looking at the items I got and I'm thinking I should have returned for a 3rd time lol
I'm not sure what I'm going to do with the skulls yet but I thought they looked really good, I bought 3 the first time and then got another 2 on my second stop lol

Here is one crystal ball that has a lovely sparkly base. I say one crystal ball as my Witch is going to have a whole array of them
I just had to have this eyeball pie because it glows in the dark!

And here are the potions that will start my Witches collection


  1. I also loved the stand centrepiece and yes she is a lovely friendly lady.
    I only wish I had been able to get round and see every stand and more people.

  2. Its a shame you all don't get a chance on the Friday or Saturday before it opens to go round and purchase bits. I loved your stall, but thought I had run out of money lol, once I've done the floor and walls I think I might be requesting a couple of pieces please. It was lovely meeting you.

  3. WOW! Thanks for sharing those pictures. What fun stuff to look at. LOVE the skulls, but then I'm a skull fan.

  4. The skulls are great aren't they, I kept going back for more lol