Tuesday, 22 March 2011

My Favorite Piece From Miniatura

This is something that I saw on Blogger a couple of weeks before the show and I must admit I ummed and ahhed over it for the weeks leading up to it, even in the car driving to Birmingham I was still contemplating it and whilst queuing outside to get in I came to the decision that I would do the stalls in alphabetical order of the stall number and if this was still on D5 when I got there then it was obviously meant to be mine.

The Stall was Bella Belle Dolls I had I had seen it on Julies Blog

I have no plans to have a baby in my modern dolls house and have no other houses suitable for her but she reminded me so much of my daughter when she was a baby I think even had I given Julie a photo and had her commissioned I wouldn't have got a closer match, even hubby agreed when I showed her to him.

When taking pictures of her to share on here and with friends I found myself taking as many as I would have done with a real baby lol. so here are lots of picture of my new baby which doesn't have a home yet, so she might be visiting Honey Cottage with her mum for tea and cake.


  1. She is so precious, the knitte outfit is so sweet. :)

  2. Penni she is lovely, love your new blog too. She needs a pram, did you see those cute baby seats, baby bouncers i think they are called, at NEC xx