Saturday, 19 March 2011

NEC Spring Miniatura

Well I'm tired and excited and buzzing all in one at the moment. Ive just got back from Spring Miniatura and I have had a wonderful time. I got to meet some great friends and wonderful artist. It was truly wonderful to be able to put voices to names and pictures lol

Ive fallen in love with a modern property, well actually three property's that I will do a blog about shortly. Ive now got two lovely shop boxes from a friend that I'm going to  renovate. I have decided to do one of these as a witches cottage, so acquired many witch and magical items on my trip. I also managed to get some small pieces for my modern dolls house.

But my favorite item of the day is a tiny baby made by Julie Campbell from Bellabelle Dolls Pictures to follow.


  1. Wonderful! So glad you had a good time. :)

    Don't you find those shows to be invigorating? :)

  2. defiantly I want to share all my purchases with you but I'm so exhausted from the driving but buzzing from the experience that its probably best I just wait until the morning

  3. I bet you had a blast! Can't wait to see what you came home with :)

    Victoria ♥