Monday, 28 March 2011

New Artfire Store

New Artfire studio now open

With all the changes that have been going on over at Etsy I have decided not to keep all my eggs in one basket and have now opened an Artfire studio.

There's no need to sign up or register to purchase items within Artfire and there are lots of great miniaturists now exhibiting there, so please do take a wonder over with a cup of tea and your favorite comfy shopping slippers. I wont tell if you don't ;)


  1. So glad you have an Artfire Store penni am off with my cup of tea and slippers to take a look :-) x

  2. Great move Penni, it costs nothing to have a shop on Artfire and gives you more exposure :(

    Victoria ❤

  3. I have signed up there as well. We shall see rabbit, we shall see!

    Good luck! :)

  4. Well I like the fact it free lol and that people don't have to sign up as hopefully that will encourage people that just drop by these stores to make a purchase. Only thing is you cant see if they are a good buyer like Ebay and Etsy?

    Guess we will just have to wait and see as I didn't know about Etsy for a long time. Could do with a couple of the DH mags letting people know about these online market places, as I think a lot of people just go to the stores they know and Ebay

  5. I agree with you completely. :)

    Yes, these online venues could use a promoting in the magazines, that would be grand. :)

    Check out zibbet while you are out there.

  6. I'm not that sure about Zibbet on the couple of times Ive been over there Ive persisted though the first 30pages and haven't seen much in the way of scale one inch DH bits, I think I would rather wait until its a bit more established before I head that way.