Sunday, 20 March 2011

Richard Stacey, Heidi Ott & Devon Dolls House Delights

Now onto the witches cottage...

I bought some slate from the £1 reduced stand on Richard Stacey's stall, at this point I hadn't seen the boxes in person so wasn't sure how much I would need, but having got it all home and had a little play I've got more than enough thankfully. So the witches cottage will have a real slate floor once I have worked out how to cut it without breaking too much.

At lunch I met up with some lovely friends that I have been talking to for years and Helen from Vinweeda Magic showed me some scales she bought for an apothecary she was planning to do in the future and as soon as I saw it I said to her "Ooooo you could weigh out witches potions on that", so just had to go get myself one too and some weights. These were from Heidi Ott.

Devon Dolls House Delights had lots of beautiful things on offer they had two amazing dragon beds and a carriage being pulled by a dragon. I saw this beautiful curled up dragon that I thought was so sweet. I thought it could be the witches baby dragon that had a bad spell put on him that turned him into stone by a rival witch.


  1. Love your slate Penni, that will make the perfect floor for your witches cottage. The scale and dragon will be perfect too, so nice you could get together.

    Victoria ❤

  2. Wow the slate is so good, what a bargain, cant wait to see your witches cottage come into being xxx

  3. Thanks, I'm not sure but I think I might have just enough to do both shop boxes

    Theres still more bits to come lol So you thing Hubby will let me go to Newbury DH Fair next weekend lol

  4. Penni, Love the little curled up Dragon and I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with the slate..x