Sunday, 20 March 2011

Tee - Pee Crafts

Now this was a stall you had to fight to get close too. All day it was jam packed with people and I managed to get to it just before lunch where I bumped into another friend and we discussed what we were going to try and make with our finds.

I loved all the little bits on Tee - Pee Crafts and think it has to be top of the list for most people as once you start looking your ideas just start flowing.

I got this real marble table top for the witch to have in the center of her room, I couldn't decide between the table legs they had they where either too low but perfect shape or the right hight but more suitable for a Georgen or Victorian property.

I got these two frames, a dragon and these two finding that I have plans for and a little ring for a base of a crystal ball.

I love my little haul but now I have it all home I wish I had picked up a couple more bit lol


  1. Penni, Tee Pee Crafts have a web site:- hope that helps. xxx

  2. Thanks Debbie, I have got the link in with the name above but there's something about holding the little bits in your hand that gives you so many ideas isn't there