Thursday, 28 April 2011

A Right Royal Affair

Well I can't let this weekend pass without mentioning the big event. Its everywhere at the moment and no more so in my local area as I live in what the Sunday Telegraph described as last weekend as "Middleton Country".

I'm very lucky where I live as I live on a proper Country Estate, No I'm not rich before you ask a long way from it in fact.

Bucklebury where Kate is from is just up the hill and I went to school with many friends from the village and surrounding areas. Unfortunately I have no connections to the family so know of no one personally with an invitation but the villages are certainly a buzz with celebrations.

Obviously being a country Estate there is a "Big House" and I have heard rumors that there is an invitation there. The Village is having a big street party tomorrow, and I am really looking forward to watching the Wedding on TV.

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  1. Hi Thank you for commenting on my blog. My pup has quite a fluffy coat so we think she may have shih tzu hair rather than pug fur. She did get very 'panty' in the hot weather last week and has a bit of a snort!
    We are not at all sure how she will turn out as an adult dog as this is quite a new cross in the UK so there are very few photos.