Sunday, 1 September 2013

2 Years Wow

Wow where has the last 2 years gone.  That's how long it been since I last posted here.

The pregnancy went well and I now have a very active 18 month old daughter.  She is so much more of a handful than my first.

So what's happening with the dolls houses I hear you say?

Unfortunately nothing.  Neither of them have been touched at all in the 2 years that have passed. Honesty one is in my craft shed that is now just a shed and the other is just sat in the dining room untouched.
I guess they will still be there when I finally get the time and inclination to work on them again.

I have done something craft though.  I have got back into sewing. 
I have started another blog which is just a general blog on being a mummy.  And other little bits of craft I do find time to do. You can find it above or click here at wheresmybraingone.blogspot

Also welcome to all my new followers.  Even though I've not blogged for a while I can see that I have gained a few new followers.  Thank you for following and I'm sorry I'm not working on this at the moment.

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